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Welcome to free findrr

We are purely online platform to empower people by giving the latest software, freeware, mobile apps, games and many more.

Why we started this?

We needed to challenge the status quo. We needed to build something that serves many people at once and most of their tech needs can be found withing their fingertips. We needed to simplify the software downloading process and we did it.

Be with us. We always try to give the best user experience to our valuable customers.



We provide the latest software for free to empower your day to day life.


Mobile apps

We give you the latest and most popular ads free versions of mobile apps.



We give you the  latest PC and mobile games for your entertainment.

Our story

The freelancing community is growing so fast. So we wanted to help them by providing the latest technology to ease their work. Website Free Findrr is the solution to their tech needs.                                                                  This is our humble effort to empower people from technology based lifestyle. Feel free to search and find the products that you need from free findrr.







“Replace excuses with effort. Replace laziness with determination and everything else will fall in to place”

- Team FreeFindrr -


Feel free to search and find anything from free findrr. Here anything at your fingertips.

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